NTC’s are negative temperature coefficient thermistors used to detect temperature and a common element in EV Li chemistry-based battery modules. As battery electric vehicles become mainstream, efficient automated battery module production is necessary. NTC assembly is one of the challenges battery makers face. Normally the NTC should be in very close proximity to a cell and to maximize energy density there is little extra volume in the module. It is also best to keep sharp things like screws out of the module.

Below is an example design of a 0603-size thermistor surface mounted (SMD/SMT) onto a flex circuit (could be polyimide PI, polyester PET, or polyethylene napthalate PEN material) and then mounted and protected by die cut adhesive tape components. The assembly represents state of the art in terms of cost, application performance, and proven automation assembly technologies.

AccuPlace is the market leader in assembly solutions for die cut adhesive tape assembly.