Marketing Manager

Position Scope:

We are a product development and manufacturing company seeking a Marketing Manager to be responsible for messaging designed to both establish a brand and generate the right opportunities for the three brands/businesses the company operates.


A successful individual in this role will:

  • Possess an unrelenting sense of style as it relates to corporate identity
  • Define and profile prospective buyers and key influencers
  • Identify the best opportunities to create market pull from these prospects
  • Establish a brand identity and insure all marketing communications meet that identity
  • Create and coordinate message creation that supports company objectives
  • Using a budget, manage all external branding and marketing communications—such as:
    • Company Website
    • Whitepapers
    • Online Social Media
    • Trade Shows
    • Mail and Email Campaigns
    • Presentations and Marketing Collaterals
    • Videos
    • Articles and Press Releases
  • Establish lead generation targets, sales conversions, and other metrics
  • Plan and manage activities by measuring results

Required Experience and Skills:

  • Must have a portfolio of successful communications from his or her own previous responsibilities
  • Possess enough of a technical background to understand key differentiators in a tech savvy environment
  • Be able to write and edit semi-technical papers on such subjects once learned
  • High-level user of software used for content creation: photo, video, and layout
  • Possess photography and videography skills
  • More than five years of marketing and copywriting experience is desired, as is a four-year degree in a related field

Please apply with your resume along with 2-4 pages of some kind of marketing collateral that you were responsible for the creation of. (i.e. website, article, brochure, presentation, etc.) You may apply through the job posting or to [email protected]