AccuPlace Model RM650 features:

  • Adhesive components up to 5.0” x 6.5” / 12.7cm x 16.5cm.
  • AccuPlace’s proven peeling technology for
    ultimate accuracy and process reliability
  • Designed for easy integration into work cells
  •  All aluminum parts are anodized
  • Clean room option available to reduce chances
    of contaminating the target part with
    particulates from the placement machine
  • Minimal mechanical adjustments allow for easy
    component changeover
  • High precision construction insures lasting
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Optimize the productivity and profits of your automated industrial or electronics adhesive component placement process.

Even the most sophisticated automated adhesive component placement systems and industrial label makers won’t deliver productivity and profitability without an accurate, reliable adhesive feeding system. And with the speed and complexity of today’s high tech electronics and device manufacturing, you can’t afford downtime or sacrifice production yield. That’s where AccuPlace Model RM650 Adhesive Component Feeding System can help.

Unparalleled accuracy and process reliability with AccuPlace Patented Peeling technology.

Our patented peeling technology lets you peel and apply even the most difficult labels and components with speed, accuracy and precision. And our robust design and construction makes lasting operation easier for operators of all skill levels.

The AccuPlace model RM650 is an adhesive component feeding system designed to utilize a robot to perform the placement. The RM650 feeds the components directly from the liner for the robot to pickup. Adhesive components can measure up to 5.0” x 6.5” / 12.7cm x 16.5cm.

accuplace rm8090
accuplace rm8090s

Integrates into the most complex Automated Labeling Systems.

AccuPlace Model RM650 Adhesive Component Feeding System seamlessly communicates with your host controller to ensure optimum productivity and accuracy. We make it easier for you to handle high speed, high precision adhesive electronics subcomponents with a capacity of Adhesive components can measure up to 5.0” x 6.5”  (12.7cm x 16.5cm) easily and accurately.

AccuPlace Model RM650 feeder for automated label machines is the perfect adhesive component feeder for tight tolerance applications using cameras for assembly; high speed automation where cam-operated pick and place devices are used; and where multiple placement locations and orientations are involved—including applications requiring complex actuation mechanisms.


Model RM650 Maximizes your Speed, Capacity and Complexity.

AccuPlace Model RM650 adapts to a broad range of requirements, including a clean room option. You gain the greatest flexibility to handle the widest variety of self-adhesive parts for virtually any application in automotive, medical, consumer and business electronics labels and devices.