AccuPlace Model RM2065 will help you:

  • Easily integrate within existing robotic placement systems
  • Boost production yields on even the tightest tolerance applications— repeatable positioning as tight as 0.001” (0.025 mm)!
  • Cut setup and changeover time
  • Reduce maintenance and labor costs
  • Increase throughput while reducing waste
  • Significantly improve product quality


Optimize the productivity and profits of your robotic adhesive component placement process.

Even the most sophisticated robotic adhesive component placement systems won’t deliver productivity and profitability without a repeatable, reliable adhesive / label applicator feeding system.

With the speed and complexity of today’s high tech electronics and device manufacturing, you can’t afford downtime or sacrifice production yield. That’s where AccuPlace Model RM2065 Adhesive Component Feeding System can help.

Easily integrate precision adhesive & label component feeders into the most complex robotics labeling systems.

AccuPlace Model RM2065 Adhesive Component Feeding System simplifies handling of film adhesives in high speed precision electronics subassembly manufacturing. Our time-tested solutions handle adhesive parts up to 2.0” x 6.5” (5.1 cm x 16.5 cm).

AccuPlace Model RM2065 is the perfect adhesive component feeder for tight tolerance clean room applications using cameras for assembly; high speed automation where cam-operated pick and place devices are used; and where multiple placement locations and orientations are involved—including applications requiring complex actuation mechanisms.


AccuPlace Model RM2065 maximizes your capabilities for speed, capacity and complexity

AccuPlace Model RM2065 adapts to a broad range of requirements, and comes standard with clean room capabilities. Plus, it’s small enough to easily fit within your work cells. You gain the greatest flexibility to handle the widest variety of parts for virtually any self-adhesive or label application for automotive, medical, consumer or business electronics and devices.

Unparalleled accuracy and process reliability with AccuPlace Patented Pick‘n’Peel™ technology.

Our patented peeling technology lets you peel even the most difficult labels and components with speed, accuracy and precision. And our robust design and construction makes lasting operation easier for operators of all skill levels.

The AccuPlace model RM2065 is an adhesive component feeding system designed to utilize a robot to perform the placement. The RM2065 feeds the components directly from the liner for the robot to pickup. Adhesive components can measure up to 2.0” x 6.5” / 5.1 cm x 16.5 cm. Being nickel plated and equipped with air recovery cups on pneumatic components to port exhaust air to a common exhaust port, this robot mode is ESD clean room capable.