Product consistency is a key factor in contributing to the overall consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty. In order to meet increased consumer demand, your product needs to not only be consistent, but meet the ever-changing shifts and preferences of consumers.

What Are These Shifts?

  1. Sustainability

Consumers today are shifting to more green and sustainable manufacturing processes. From packaging design to electronic devices, they require that you produce your product in a sustainable way with sustainable materials and sustainability at its core. They want to know how you are addressing their preferences and concerns for the global well-being. In other words, as consumers become more educated and aware, they are putting a higher value on features that are less self-interest focused and more on how they benefit their surroundings.

  • Innovation

Building momentum and scaling the production process to make up for lost time especially after an economic setback such as the COVID-19 pandemic, is not enough to recover. In order for a full recovery, and to compete efficiently with the “new reality,” businesses need to innovate or “reinvent” themselves. “Getting the job done” to bring yourself back to the same financial position is not enough anymore – as people are more aware of their surroundings and the contributions they make to their surroundings. Thus, businesses too have to behave responsibly, lawfully and not cause unreasonable interference with the rights and interests of others.

  • Communication

Technology is inborn in modern society and primarily requires and embodies human intellect. Technology also influences development, functioning and transitions in all aspects of society. Rapid technological advances are made possible primarily with a combination of advancement in science and a competitive market. The adoption of advanced technology however is yet to be fully understood as the increasing trend of “technology rejection” is not a full negation of its existence and acceptance. Regardless, communication is key for any new technology that is introduced to consumers and what we do know is that information increases satisfaction and is often provided in the form of labels, in order for the consumer to differentiate and select a particular product against another.

For the last 30 years, AccuPlace has had a culture of commitment to sustainability. Operating out of a 75,000 square foot high-tech and clean facility, sustainability is at the core of our company. We have worked with some of the world’s top global brands to meet their labeling and adhesive component placement needs with the same quality precision and accuracy on their one-thousandth label as the same as their first.