Our Patented Technology


All AccuPlace models have a unique patented peeling technology in common that ensures high placement accuracy and repeatability, even of components difficult to peel.

Operation Cycle

1) The liner is pulled by a stepper motor through its path in the machine. The position sensor looks for a component and ensures the positioning of the component exactly below the vacuum chuck.
2) The placement actuator with its customized vacuum chuck extends to grasp the component.
3) The drive assembly retracts, pulling the liner around the peel edge and removing the liner from the retained component.
4) The placement actuator places the component into the fixture’s target part. When the actuator returns to its original oo position, the peel edge is extended again and the cycle starts from the beginning.

Vacuum Chucks

AccuPlace‘s extensive experience in the design & manufacture of vacuum chucks guarantees optimal functionality and material choice for your application.




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