Company Profile

Today’s consumer demands more. They want smaller, simpler, multi-featured, high-quality, and low cost products. Film adhesives are answering these challenges: Adhesive backed foam gaskets improve the speaker performance in a mobile phone. A self adhesive vent placed on an otherwise sealed HID headlamp assembly prevents it from fogging. New tapes that are conductive in only one direction allow use as a mechanical fastener as well as a multi-circuit electrical connection. Countless examples in multiple industries show a strong growth trend in the use of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes to meet consumer needs.

We partner with our customers to standardize adhesive component assembly challenges. Standard equipment solutions enable manufacturers to benefit from years of process and development experience at minimum risk and cost. Thousands of our machines in applications around the world prove there is only one market leader developing Standard Solutions involving Film Adhesive Assembly – AccuPlace.

Our Commitment to Quality

Vertical integration and rigorous internal procedures ensure outstanding quality and reliability of our equipment. Our experienced team includes mechanical, electrical, and software engineers; technicians; machinists; assemblers; finance and administration staff.

From our staff to our own manufacturing and inspection equipment to our facility, the common theme is excellence. This commitment to excellence not only guarantees quality, it also drives us to constantly improve our processes and technology.

Our Diversity

In a world without boundaries, we are proud that the AccuPlace team represents more than a dozen nations and languages, from all over the world. We understand the importance of cultural diversity in today’s global business arena and we gladly embrace the idea of a multi-cultural working environment.

All of our customers are world leaders in their respective industries and consider their use of AccuPlace equipment a competitive advantage. Chances are that several components of film adhesive in your cell phone, computer, or car have been placed by AccuPlace equipment.

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