Automatic Label Feeders

AccuPlace RM 3065

Even the most sophisticated automated adhesive component assembly system won’t deliver productivity and profitability without an accurate, reliable adhesive feeding system. And with the speed and complexity of today’s high tech electronics and device manufacturing, you can’t afford downtime or sacrifice production yield.

That’s where AccuPlace proven Model RM3065 Adhesive Component Feeding System can help. Feeds Adhesive parts up to 3.0” x 6.5” (7.6 cm x 16.5 cm)


AccuPlace RM AEvo

Print and feed even the tiniest film and label sizes, intricate die cut shapes and the most challenging adhesives… faster, easier and more accurately.

As an integrator of an automated assembly system you’re under pressure to keep throughput high and defects low, plus minimize labor and operation costs. That’s where AEvo robot-mode Film Adhesive and Label Feeder with optional Print & Apply can help. Feeds Adhesive parts and labels up to 50 mm x 60 mm.


AccuPlace RM 2065

AccuPlace Clean Room compatible Model RM2065 Adhesive Component Feeding System simplifies handling of film adhesives in high speed precision electronics subassembly manufacturing. Our time-tested solutions handle adhesive parts up to 2.0” x 6.5” (5.1 cm x 16.5 cm).

AccuPlace Model RM2065 is the perfect adhesive component feeder for tight tolerance clean room applications using cameras for assembly; high speed automation where cam-operated pick and place devices are used; and where multiple placement locations and orientations are involved—including applications requiring complex actuation mechanisms.


AccuPlace RM 1515

The AccuPlace model RM1515 is the ideal solution for feeding small parts requiring high accuracy in a space constricted clean room environment. A liner size of up to 1.5” x 1.5” / 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm permits an inexpensive solution to a large number of applications and industries. Additional options allow the adaptation to your specific application.


AccuPlace RM 8090

The RM8090 is designed to feed virtually any large self-adhesive component within a 8.0”x9.0” / 20.3 cm 22.9 cm capacity. The machine is designed to feed large form factor film adhesives and offers a wide range of features and options that allow for optimal adaption of the component’s specific requirements. With full serial control communications and an intuitive interface, the RM 8090 is the fastest, easiest to use, large adhesive component feeder of its kind.