Automatic Film Adhesive & Label Applicators

AccuPlace Film Adhesive and Label Applicators make it easier for you to handle high precision adhesive subcomponents easily and accurately, including low level adhesion and optically clear components, foam components, bubble-free protective film, multiple subcomponent shapes and contours, and much more. From clean room environments to fully automated production, the AccuPlace line of label applicators is ideal for large labels and film adhesives for your diverse requirements.

AccuPlace AEvo Print & Apply

Whether you’re only applying labels or printing and applying, AEvo helps you meet demanding speed to meet market goals without sacrificing quality. AEvo’s printing option lets you print and apply a wide variety of labels with a placement accuracy of +/- .002” / 0.05mm. The AEvo standardized applicator machine performs tasks that help with error reduction and increasing higher accuracy with greater precision. Such design allows you to take on multiple jobs with a single machine and obtaining a greater return on your investment.

Automatic Label Feeders

Feeder, in the AccuPlace terminology ‘Robot Modes’, are essentially feeding systems that can be integrated in a robot or other placement mechanism. A Robot Mode is used:

  • Where tolerances mandate the use of cameras for assembly
  • Where high speed automation necessitates the use of cam-operated pick-and-place devices
  • Where multiple placement locations and/or orientations are involved
  • Where problematic placement locations require complex actuation mechanisms

Laboratory Slide Printer

Is space in your lab at a premium? Do lab professionals spend too much time trying to properly ID specimens on slides? Are you concerned about pathology slides being accurately identified? Would you like to enhance productivity while reducing the chance for misidentification? Are you frustrated with expensive middleware that adds no value?

PSLIM™ Slide Labeler is the answer:

  • Eliminates Laboratory Labels: specimen labels print directly on the slide to save time and money
  • Fits Anywhere: the size of a small toaster with no computer required
  • Works with Any Lab: Any type of slide can be used as well as any LIS
  • Industry Leading Speed: Print up to 12 slides per minute
  • Easy to Read: Prints black 300dpi 2D & 3D images
  • Chemical Resistance: Resists xylene and other harsh chemicals

APAC Industrial Adhesive & Label Assembly

Here’s what an AccuPlace APAC industrial robotic system can do for you:

  • Handles complex adhesive assembly processes including different orientations and multiple placements with our linear driven axes (X-Y plus optional Z and U)
  • Easy integration with our adhesive component feeding systems using our powerful ARSIC software system
  • Meets your tight tolerance requirements for industrial label and assembly with APAC integrated vision system
  • Precise – Assembles delicate self-adhesive subcomponents, labels, complex adhesive patterns, optically clear adhesives, miniaturized parts and more