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The 1515 lets you carry out precision label or film adhesive placement on a wide variety of applications for a lot less than complex and costly customized label applicators. It improves quality and reduces labor costs.


The 650 is engineered to match the adhesive component. Its chuck profile seamlessly expands to guarantee the absence of any trapped air bubbles. Its expanding capability allows for the precise peeling of multiple components and their placement with varying spacing.


The pslim laboratory slide printer is the optimal choice for labeling slides. It is compact, works with any slide or LIS, does not need a computer, and is the best worldwide seller. A lab is incomplete without a pslim.


The RM650 boasts small overall equipment dimensions, making it seamlessly integrable into work cells. Every aluminum part is meticulously nickel-plated, ensuring durability and longevity.


Compact in size, the RM650 is designed for seamless integration into work cells, optimizing space utilization without compromising functionality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it guarantees ultimate accuracy and process reliability, setting a new standard in performance.


The APAC is a turnkey robot system for fully automated assembly, including adhesive component placement. It handles complex assembly processes including different orientations and multiple placements. It is the best choice to improve complex production.

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