The Value of Standardization

The Challenge:

Unpredictable production numbers, varied product mixes, & short product life cycles are just a few of the challenges that you face. At the same time competitive pressure dictates the need for fast production ramp up. Selecting production equipment on individual project basis does not answer these challenges.

The Solution:

Standardized machines have established operational criteria, predictable quality, and perhaps of greatest benefit, quantifiable process costs. They are also refined and enhanced through years of development with a process that allows for continuous improvement. Additional benefits of standard solutions are:

  • The reusability factor exceeds 95% while the reusability of customized solutions is unpredictable.
  • Prototyping runs and capability studies can be performed prior to production runs, exposing any problems early.
  • Capital costs are spread out, significantly reducing overall assembly costs.
  • Off the shelf and quickly reconfigurable equipment are distinct advantages where product life cycles are short and time-to-market is critical.


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