In today’s complex and highly competitive medical device assembly projects, extremely high accuracy and repeatable assembly ‐ of adhesive die cut components and placement of label and other adhesive parts ‐ is critical. Having each part assembled exactly as it was designed is essential for fast time to market, FDA approval of medical devices, and outstanding performance in the field. Accuplace is a world leader in machinery design and manufacturing for PSA assemblies with accuracies up to + or – .002” / 0.05mm.

Our medical device assembly equipment is in use in a wide range of adhesive die cut part and label placement applications in complex medical device products. Your success is our passion and we deliver what we promise in accuracy and repeatability.

Adhesive assembly for medical devices is unique in the demands for precise manufacturing. Most medical devices are complex, with hard-to-handle or fragile components. Understanding the medical device engineering challenges presented by film adhesive components early in the product development phase is often a key breakthrough to success. AccuPlace has experience with hundreds of applications in medical device, biosensor, and rapid diagnostic point-of-care test assembly. Rely on our strong engineering team to be your partners for success with your next medical device adhesive assembly challenge.

AEvo Automated Adhesive Medical Device Assembly

If your adhesive medical device assembly includes exact placement requirements, Accuplace has a solution. AEvo is our premier modern, automated medical assembly machine for precise placement of medical die cut parts and medical device labels. Aevo solves a wide range of adhesive assembly challenges for the medical market.

Key features of AEvo include:

  • Patented peel and apply techniques allows you to assemble difficult medical device components with extreme accuracy
  • Our equipment is designed for simple operation and easy maintenance
  • We want your equipment to fill multiple uses in your manufacturing line, offering tool-less routine maintenance and chuck change
  • The often complex sensor setup and material threading process is simple and easy on our medical assembly equipment
  • One-click rewind and reel change is another time and money-saving feature

AccuPlace APAC Robot System is Perfect For Fully Automated Medical Device Assembly Manufacturing Lines

The AccuPlace innovative robot, APAC, is the top choice for an integrated solution for fully automatic medical device assembly tasks using adhesive components. Flexibility, reliability, and easy product changeover are all requirements in today’s demanding marketplace where medical assembly forces high accuracy for dependable operation in the most demanding environments. The APAC offers a unique and high ROI solution to the most complex manufacturing with adhesive parts in the medical industry.

  • Linear driven axes (X-Y plus optional Z and U) executes complex, adhesive die cut component assembly processes with ease
  • Easy integration with our die cut adhesive part feeding systems using our powerful ARSIC software system
  • Provides solutions for the highest possible accuracy placement specifications for medical device die cut and label assembly. Micro die cut parts assembly is possible with the APAC integrated vision system
  • Even the most delicate self-adhesive subcomponents, labels, complex adhesive patterns, optically clear adhesives, and miniaturized parts are assembled with repeatability and accuracy
  • Automated tooling change-over is an often added option to increase throughput when different die cut part programs are required within the same day

Up to four of our RM3065 feeders may be controlled in one APAC, creating a powerful and flexible medical device die cut assembly robot. Our flexible assembly line capability allows running multiple product assembly die cut operations in the same day. If fully automatic tooling change out is necessary, our engineers can deliver exactly to your specifications.

AccuPlace Offers a Full Range of Medical Device Assembly Solutions for Adhesive Die Cut Applicators and Label Placement – All with Amazing Accuracy

AccuPlace model 3065 will assemble almost every medical adhesive assembly component within its 3.0” x 6.5” / 7.6 cm x 16.5 cm size ability. It operates in a small footprint and provides extensive features to give your medical device manufacturing operations several options. Parts may be placed in almost any configuration through use of our placement actuator options. The model 3065 is the most capable and accurate medical adhesive assembly machine of its kind.

AccuPlace model 1515 is the perfect solution when you have the requirement for medical device adhesive assembly of small die cut parts or labels requiring high accuracy while sticking to a reduced budget. The Model 1515 Adhesive Part Assembly machine measures only 1.5” x 1.5” / 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm linear size permitting the perfect answer for many medical device assembly projects.

Options include:

  • Bench top version with finger witches for semiautomatic operation
  • Rotary table with light curtain for continuous operation

AccuPlace Model 4065 offers the most flexibility for medical device parts assembly up to 4.0” x 6.5”. 15 optional accessories provide an amazing range of possibilities for solving even the most demanding medical part assembly challenges for PSA parts. The AccuPlace Model 4065 can maximize your capabilities for speed, capacity, and complexity in a wide range of medical adhesive assembly environments.

AccuPlace Model 4090 builds on the 4065 capability offering solutions for medical assembly of parts up to 4.0” x 9.0” (10.1 cm x 22.8 cm) with ease. Our medical die cut and label applicators are highly accurate in a wide range of challenging applications including low level adhesion and optically clear components, foam components, bubble-free protective film, multiple subcomponent shapes and contours, and much more. From clean room environments to fully automated production, the AccuPlace Model 4090 is ideal for medical adhesive die cut assembly and label application for your diverse, challenging requirements.

Contact AccuPlace today to learn more about our Medical Device Adhesive Parts Assembly equipment and the engineering support to make your medical device design, product validation, early prototyping, field evaluation, and full rate manufacturing. We are committed to your success!