Across industries, many products are in need of placing optically clear adhesive or OCA’s over electronic displays and other sensitive, smudge free surfaces. Accuplace’s optically clear adhesive placement technology has been helping customers find their solution for over twenty years. Optically clear adhesive placement has numerous challenges such as the fact that the foil placement must be bubble free as bubbles can manipulate the placement and cause distortion to the display’s appearance. The foil and the liner may be both made of clear material so distinguishing them may be difficult, adding another challenge to the optically clear adhesive placement.

Accuplace’s engineers faced these challenges and incorporated foil placement features into many of the machines led by the 3065 model.

Also if need, the following options are available:

  • Customized nest
  • Customized bubble-free chuck
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Nickel peel plate kit
  • X-axis correction feature
  • Dual rewind reel

For more information, log onto Accuplace.com. If standardized platform are not suitable for your application, custom machines are designed regularly. Contact AccuPlace today to hear how AccuPlace can deliver the best optically clear adhesive placement solution.