For more than 25 years, AccuPlace machines have been the world’s most accurate adhesive label applicator machines, placing labels within +/- of .002 of an inch. It does so with precision and repetition due to the combination of patented peeling technology and industrial adhesive applicator engineering. Clients use AccuPlace’s label applicator machines and printing machines on their own or incorporate the applicator, or printer into their current automation process.

AccuPlace’s patented technology ensures to repeatedly perform accurate placement of any adhesive component. An APAC adhesive label applicator machine recently came in for upgrades after over 3.5 million cycles without failure. More than 4,000 adhesive label applicator machines have been produced by AccuPlace providing labeling solutions to customers all over the world. Whether you are assembling adhesive die cuts, labels, or printing and applying labels, AccuPlace has the solution.

Log onto Accuplace.com for more information. If a standardized platform is not suitable for your application, custom machines can be designed and are done so regularly. Call or email AccuPlace today to hear how AccuPlace can deliver the best and most accurate solution for you adhesive label applicator needs.