For over two decades, AccuPlace’s series of assembly equipment have been presenting our clients results for bubble free assembly of heat activated film equipment and various other operations. This is achieved with patented technology that withdraws all air between the heat activated film and the target part.

Why is bubble free heat activated film equipment critical?:

  • Removes any possibility of the adhesive or part from getting corrupted or mangled.
  • Removes any chance of incorrect assembling or shift after the adhesive or part has been positioned.
  • Simple aesthetics call for precise and bubble free assembly of a label or target part.
  • This heat activated film equipment showcases the precise, high-tech engineering that is installed into every component of an AccuPlace machine.

Customers use AccuPlace’s heat activated film equipment and printing technology on their own or they can integrate the equipment into their existing machinery. AccuPlace’s heat activated film equipment assures again and again a result of bubble free assembly of any heat activated film adhesive part.

For more information, log onto Accuplace.com. If standardized platform are not suitable for your application, custom equipment is designed regularly. Contact AccuPlace today to hear how AccuPlace can deliver the best heat activated film adhesive solution.

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