Today’s modern automobiles are using an increasing amount of pressure sensitive tape. Pressure sensitive adhesives offer design flexibility as parts can be bonded in ways that are just not practical for traditional fasteners. Weight reduction, a vital factor in the modern efficiency sensitive vehicle environment, can be achieved through fastener removal. The assembly process can be simplified and streamlined as expensive punching, drilling and attaching are eliminated along with corresponding torque checks or fastening verifications. In addition, adhesive tapes are prevalent throughout modern vehicles in technologies such as high-end consumer electronics and battery storage. For the benefits to be completely realized on the manufacturing floor, standardized assembly equipment and methodologies need to be implemented.

As an example, Li-ion batteries are the power source for electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles for their power density and charging effectiveness. These batteries pose various assembly challenges that involve film adhesives, tapes, and other die cut components. Vibration isolation and battery cushioning are a terrific example of how tapes and foams are helping electric vehicle batteries last longer, limiting breakdown due to compression and thermal stresses inherent in vehicle applications. Since these components are engineered and have a vital function to perform they must be assembled consistently and accurately to ensure they perform their intended function. By having standardized equipment performing this assembly function, the design engineer can reliably count on predictable material performance and design for manufacturing can be accounted for very early in the process.

AccuPlace played a significant role within the telecom and hard drive industries, helping to standardize assembly processes using adhesive tapes, filters, and seals. The automotive lighting industry leveraged this experience to standardize adhesive moisture venting assembly. Thousands of applications and years of adhesive tape assembly experience are now modernizing tape assembly in automotive batteries. AccuPlace’s Application Engineers are available to discuss our standardized film adhesive assembly equipment and how it can help your manufacturing processes with the next generation challenges posed by electric and hybrid vehicles.

Author: Mike Terry

Global Sales Manager
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