For 30 years, AccuPlace has been the industry leader in providing Fortune 500 companies with film adhesive assembly solutions specializing in ultra-quick production and reliability. This is achieved by a patented technology that grants accurate, automated die-cut and label placement across several sectors including medical, auto, phone, and computers.

Whether it is automated label printing and placement or a semi-automatic adhesive die-cut project, AccuPlace can provide you with a machine or system of machines that can place a die-cut or label with an accuracy of + or – .002 inches.

How does AccuPlace do it?

  1. Standardization of Machines. We provide time-tested pre-engineered solutions.
  2. Optimized Embedded Software. This limits setups to just parameter adjustments.
  3. Enhanced Digital Display. This brings modern app-like functionality to automated machines.
  4. Modernized Operating Systems. This ensures real-time measurements & simplified troubleshooting.
  5. Domestic Manufacturing & Quality Control. We produce all machines in our 75,000 square foot facility in Plantation, Florida.

AccuPlace’s automated placement machines can be used on their own or can be incorporated into your current automation process or system. AccuPlace’s technology guarantees to repeatedly perform automated adhesive die-cut assembly, allowing you to get your solutions to market quickly.

For more information, log onto Accuplace.com. Contact AccuPlace today to hear how we can deliver the best-automated label printing and placement or adhesive die-cut assembly solution for your application.