Go Standard to Go Fast with pressure sensitive adhesive assembly solutions. As Life Science organizations work tirelessly to develop much-needed medical equipment and consumables at an increasingly rapid pace, AccuPlace provides a proven pathway for transitioning manufacturing processes using pressure sensitive adhesives from early prototype trials and manual builds, through semi-automatic assembly methods that seamlessly transition to a fully automated production process.

Doesn’t it make sense to remove risk as early as possible and at the lowest production volume? The transition from an early-stage manual operation to semi and fully automated assembly presents a diverse set of challenges. Why not use the same automation platform to do them both?  AccuPlace provides an easy method to identify risks and anomalies early by using exactly the same applicator machine in the semi-automated solutions that will subsequently be integrated into a fully automated assembly line. This is especially critical for manufacturers under extreme pressure to develop and deploy devices and equipment at unprecedented speed.

Difficulties in automatic assembly of intricate and difficult to handle die cut adhesive parts often require nuanced features that are already built into the standardized AccuPlace applicator platforms.  These are the types of features that you don’t know you need until well into the project but an experienced die cut adhesive automation partner like AccuPlace has them already designed into the equipment. In addition, most AccuPlace solutions have only one or two application-specific components, which mitigates risk even further.

At AccuPlace, the legacy of billions of successfully assembled pressure sensitive adhesives has left us poised and prepared to assist organizations in rapidly developing automated solutions for point-of-care and diagnostic testing products. We offer time-tested automation machinery that continues to get rigorously field-proven every single day. We streamline the validation of new solutions and systems, thereby minimizing the risk that the compressed rollout schedule may be negatively affected, ultimately leading to delays in deployment.

To go fast one has to mitigate risk effectively and our standardized solutions help remove adhesive assembly process risks at no additional cost to your organization.