• Accuracy, Precision, Efficiency, Profitability and Consistency.

Automation saves time and has a positive impact on any business. More importantly, automation provides a consistent product at high speeds and large quantities that cannot be achieved by manual labor. With product consistency being a key factor that contributes to overall consumer satisfaction, our patented peel and stick technology ensures that your product’s consistency is not questioned.

  • Precise Adhesive Placement Every Time.

Our highly engineered technology not only supports a consistent product, but our high-resolution laser sensors ensure for a precise adhesive placement on even the smallest products. Our machines’ printing options let you print and apply a wide variety of labels with a placement accuracy of +/- .002/0.05mm. This technology is intelligently programmed to accurately measure the adhesive component and determine where it needs to be placed without the need for human interference. This allows for maximum accuracy at the highest speeds of operation.

  • Increase Quality of Your Products.

Accuracy and precision is more than a phrase, it’s what we stand for. At AccuPlace, we know that precise and accurate adhesive component placement is key to achieving the kind of quality product that consumers demand. Our main objective at AccuPlace is to build automatic systems that apply your label in exactly the right place, every time and quickly.

Why Ruin Great Design with Poor Manufacturing Process Control?

Of course, we all appreciate a nice pair of sunglasses, but all too often the issue is with the way that their logo has been applied or something being off about them that make them look and feel as they were “cheaply” made, or at their worst, “fake”. People will pay more for a quality product, so don’t miss this step in the process just to “save” time. In fact, automation in the long-run will save you both, time and money.

AccuPlace takes the guesswork out of your adhesive labeling process and gives you the peace of mind that your products are labeled accurately and precisely, every single time.