The Only Pre-Owned Slide Printer with a Guarantee

Prices depend on quantity and customer location, but come with a One Year Guarantee. AccuPlace is recognized as the developer and manufacturer of Pslim, the number one slide printer in the world. Each printer goes through a rigorous inspection process which will ensure optimum performance with latest release software and hardware. A 20 point inspection is conducted for certification and can only be done by an official AccuPlace Engineer. For answers to any questions regarding the certified pre-owned Pslim Slide Printer, please contact AccuPlace.

Laboratory Labeling

Designed to increase reliability and productivity with print on slide labeling

Is space in your lab at a premium? Do lab professionals spend too much time trying to properly ID specimens on slides? Are you concerned about pathology slides being accurately identified? Would you like to enhance productivity while reducing the chance for misidentification? Are you frustrated with expensive middleware that adds no value?

PSLIM™ Slide Labeler is the answer:

  • Eliminates Laboratory Labels: specimen labels print directly on the slide to save time and money
  • Fits Anywhere: the size of a small toaster with no computer required
  • Works with Any Lab: Any type of slide can be used as well as any LIS
  • Industry Leading Speed: Print up to 12 slides per minute
  • Easy to Read: Prints black 300dpi 2D & 3D images
  • Chemical Resistance: Resists xylene and other harsh chemicals

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The Best Selling Laboratory Printer

The Pslim Laboratory Printer is in thousands of labs all around the world. It is the best selling laboratory printer for a reason. No other laboratory printer combines all of the added benefits mentioned above and works as reliably and efficiently. Contact AccuPlace via the contact form or at (954) 791-1500 to speak to a representative who can help you or your lab manager compare the laboratory printer options that are available.

PSLIM™ The easy way to ID Slides

No Bulky Computer or Expensive software required

PSLIM™ is fully capable of rendering barcodes as a stand-alone machine. Data can be acquired from three sources: (1) Barcode Scanner (2) Keyboard or (3) Computer. This flexibility keeps valuable space demands to a minimum while easily integrating into any laboratory labeling system; from a multi-discipline reference lab with a sophisticated LIS system to a small hospital identifying pathology slides  without bar-coding capability. PSLIM™ is also the right choice for a lab that needs a solution to grow with them as they implement more reliable identification solutions.

“Slide labeling alone accounts for 67% of defects”
– American Society of Pathological Research

PSLIM™ is the most cost effective slide labeler and printing solution

From ease of integration to its extremely-low print media cost to its proven performance; no other method of identifying slides can compare.

One Year Warranty

PSLIM™ comes with a one-year warranty. A rapid response machine exchange service plan is available, as is on-site setup and training. Please call for details on these extra services

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