FAQ: Applicator AEvo

What is the maximum label size?

54 mm wide (cross-web) x 50 mm Long (feed direction).

What is the minimum label size?

We can accurately peel and place even the tiniest labels such as 3 mm x 3 mm.

Can my material be wound in?

Typically the labels and components are converted wound out, but also wound in components can be processed with the AEvo. Minimal mechanical adjustments are required.

What is the minimum liner width?

12 mm. The use of smaller liners is possible but this is application dependent. For printing special conditions apply. Please see FAQ AEvo Printing or contact AccuPlace for more information.

What is the maximum liner width?


Can my label/adhesive component width be the same as my liner width?

Our patented process applies some clamp force onto the edges of the liner. Ideally your liner should have 2.5 mm of each side of the label available to allow clamping. We can clamp through the component, however any effects on the components have to be verified. Please contact AccuPlace.

What is the actuator stroke length?

125 mm total, 120 mm from the peel edge. Actuator reaches below base of the machine.

How does AEvo sense the component?

Each machine is equipped with a reflective sensor to sense the part. For components with low reflectivity or for applications where different components with varying reflectivity are processed in one machine, a thru beam sensor is available. This option allows accurate sensing even with materials which have a lot of variation.

Where is this sensor located?

As close to the peel plate as possible. When a printer unit is integrated and large labels are used, the sensing unit might be installed behind the printing unit.

What is the placement force?

Actuator placement force is adjustable to a maximum of 50 lbs.

Can Ævo do position correction in cross axis (X-Axis)?

A robotic placement actuator is available which can do x, y, and theta axis correction will be available.

Can Ævo rotate the components (Theta Axis)?

A robotic placement actuator is available which can do x, y, and theta axis correction will be available.

Can Ævo place components in other orientation besides vertical (Alpha Axis)?

A robotic placement actuator is available which can do x, y, and theta axis correction will be available.

Are there different mounting positions available?

There are options to mount the machine on the side and on its back but using the appropriate mounting brackets.

What footprint is needed to access the machine from the side for roll change and access to peel edge?

The door swings open from hinges at the back of the machine. In addition to the machine width it needs about 14″ to swing open. The door can however easily be removed e.g. for integration of the machine into a production line without any safety issues.

Can Ethernet option be added on later?

Yes. Ethernet option is necessary for (& included in) print option.

How long does it take to change a chuck?

< 1 min. There is no tooling required to change the chuck.

What configurations do you offer?

A bench top configuration (similar to OP1 and OP3) as well as a bench top configuration with drawers for target part exchange will be available.

Is Ævo suitable for clean room?

Ævo is designed for clean room capabilities: No extra hoses, all cylinders exhaust is captured, etc.. Also, the machine is designed for positive pressure within the machine = no particulates from outside will get into the machine. Ævo meets class II cleanroom (up to 10,000 ppm).

What is the power supply to the machine?

Ævo is delivered with a universal input DC power supply.