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Why most Applicators don’t work and what to do about it

Background Whether you are an OEM, an ODM, or an EMS provider it is almost a certainty that you use labels and film adhesives.  Computers, mobile phones, handheld electronic devices, medical diagnostics modules, and industrial devices of almost every shape and...

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AccuPlace | Bubble-Free Machine

For over 2 decades, AccuPlace’s technology has been providing customers solutions for a bubble free machine of labels, film adhesives, and scores of other applications. This is done so by patented technology that aims to remove any air between the label or component...

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AccuPlace | Press Release | Automated Label Printing

Automated Label Printing For over two decades, AccuPlace’s line of automated label printing machines have been providing customers solutions for their label and adhesive applications. This is achieved by patented technology that provides the most accurate automated...

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Label Applicator Machines

Label Applicator Machines A label applicator machine is what is needed when placing a film adhesive accurately, bubble-free, and repeatedly on a surface is of great importance. AccuPlace specializes in adhesive applicator technology and through its line of label...

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AccuPlace | Heat Activated Film Equipment

For over two decades, AccuPlace’s series of assembly equipment have been presenting our clients results for bubble free assembly of heat activated film equipment and various other operations. This is achieved with patented technology that withdraws all air between the...

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